Joplin council releases checklist
June 21, 2005
City of Joplin

Property Maintenance Checklist

Exterior wall surfaces and trim including sheds, garage or other outbuildings:

1. All surfaces are free of holes, damaged or loose material which would let in rain, moisture, insects or animals. (303.6 IPMC) (Time limit 30 days)

2. More than 25% of individual surface areas, such as gutters, windows, or exterior walls, have chipping/peeling paint. (303.2 IPMC) (Time limit 60 days)

3. All dwellings must have in a [sic] obvious place on the dwelling facing a public street, the street numbers should be in Arabic numbers at least three (3) inches in height and in colors that contrast with the color of the dwelling. Numbers shall be displaced regardless if the dwelling is vacant or occupied. (Sec. 106-137) (Time limit 10 days)

Exterior openings:

4. Exterior openings are fitted with an appropriate window, door, hatchway or crawl space cover. (303, 13, 15, 16 IPMC) (Time limit 30 days)

5. Windows and doors fit tightly within the frame and are in good working condition. (303.13 IPMC) (time limit 30 days)

6. Glass windowpanes are free of cracks or holes. (303.13.1 IPMC) (time limit 30 days) * Windowpanes may only be repaired by a method purposely designed for glass repair.

8. [sic] Screens and frames are in good repair, free of breaks or holes. (303.14 IPMC) (time limit 30 days)

9. Awnings are in good repair. (303.9 IPMC) (time limit 30 days)

10. All foundation walls shall be maintained plumb and free from open cracks and breaks. (303.5 IPMC) (time limit 60 days)

Hard surfaces, walkways and driveways:

9. [sic] All hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt are in good repair; not deteriorating to the extent that it would be a safety hazard. (302.3 IPMC) (time limit 15 days)

Roofing and guttering:

10. Roof, eaves and soffits are structurally sound, not damaged not admitting rain or animals. (303.7 IPMC) (time limit 30 days)

11. Guttering and downspouts are in good repair; free of leaves and debris. (303.7 IPMC) (time limit 15 days)

12: All premises shall be graded and maintained to prevent the erosion of soil and prevent the accumulation of stagnant water. (302.2 IPMC) (time limit 15 days)

Attached structures:

13. Porches, landings, fire escapes, decks, railings and exterior stairs are maintained in good repair (303.9, 10 IPMC) (time limit 15 days) * All repairs or replacements must be made with compatible materials.

Exterior storage of items:

14. Items are stored within a fully enclosed structure or screened from view of the adjacent Neighbors and streets. (Sec. 54-35(18)) (time limit 10 days)

15. Firewood is neatly stacked, free of insects or rodents and must be placed behind the building set-back line (not in the front yard) and in the case of a corner lot, not located in the side yard adjacent to a street. * Furniture, bedding, refrigerators, freezers, heating stoves, kitchen ranges, dishwashing equipment, air conditioning units, or any other such appliances, articles or equipment designed for use inside a dwelling unit can not be stored or set upon the ground, on any open porch, in any attached carport, in any freestanding carport, or in any garage or shed that is without doors to conceal such articles. (Sec. 54-35 (18)) (time limit 10 days)

Vehicle parking:

16. Vehicles are parked on your driveway or in the street if permitted. (302.8 IPMC Sec 114-691(2), 54-35(22), 114-692) (Time limit 10 days)

17. Any commercial vehicles on the property meet the city's size regulation for parking in residential areas. (Sec. 114-359) (time line (sic) 10 days)

Inoperable vehicles:

18. Inoperable vehicles are parked or stored within an enclosed structure. (302.8 IPMC, 54035 (22)) (time limit 10 days)

License plate obscured from view:

19. All vehicle license plates are visible, not obscured from view by an adjacent structure, vegetation or by a cover, tarp, or similar object. (Sec. 114-691(2) (time limit 10 days)

Trees and shrubs:

20. The property is free of dead trees, broken or dead limbs; presenting a hazard to the public. (Sec. 122-54) (time limit 10 days)

21. Trees and shrubs are trimmed to eliminate sight distance problems on corner property and to allow proper clearance at public rights-of-way. (Sec. 144-13 (time limit 10 days) * Public rights-of-way such as streets and sidewalks must remain clear of limbs and branches. The minimum height clearance over sidewalks is 8 feet. The minimum height clearance over streets is 12 feet and for improved thoroughfares and designated truck routes the height clearance is 13 feet.

All weeds and grass:

22. Grass and weeds do not exceed more than 10 inches in height or more than 10 inches in length if matted down (302.4 IPMC, Sec. 54-61, 54-62, 54-63) (Time limit 10 days)

23. Vegetation that is poisonous to the touch has to be removed. (302.4 IPMC) (time limit 10 days)


24. The fence and gates are in good repair, any repairs or replacements have been made with compatible materials. (302.7 IPMC, 54-91, 54-82) (Time limit 30 days) * Fences over 6 feet must obtain a fence permit call Planning and Development Services at (417) 624-0829 Ext 511. (105.2(2) IPMC) (Time limit 30 days)

25. Scaling or peeling paint of the fence surface area. (303.2 IPMC) (time limit 30 days)


26. Swimming pools, birdbaths or any other items stored outdoors that may retain water are free of standing or stagnant water. (Sec. 26-91) (Time limit 10 days)

27. Pools and such items storing 24 inches or more or [sic] water shall have fence no less than four (4) feet above the item. With a self-closing and self-latching with latches places [sic] four feet above ground. (Sec. 26-91) (Time limit 10 days)


Editor's note: checklist has been copied as closely as possible to the original document. This copied version does not show a box to the top right of the page appearing on the original to include a space for an Address, the Inspector's name, and the Date. And following each item, although not shown, is a place to check off "Yes" or "No."

The Latin word sic has been used to designate that the foregoing number or word is accurately represented and not a typo. Obviously, we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies presented.

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