Is MoArk drilling new wells?
October 21, 2005
Drilling equipment on MoArk property and a truck with the name InfraSource on it suggested to Mark Adams who photographed the scene that MoArk was looking for water. However, no permit information has been posted on the MDNR website suggesting well-digging activity on MoArk's behalf. Officials at the egg-producing company repeatedly have claimed that their proposed expansion of 2.6 million chickens will not affect the already dropping water table in Neosho. Correspondance from Randy Kixmiller, at the time an environmental engineer for the water protection program wrote that Missouri was a "Riparian Rights State, meaning landowners heve the right to make reasonable use [reasonable use for a CAFO?] of the waters upon, adjacent to, and beneath their property." Circuit court, he said, settles all disputes. [Hint, hint.]

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