Citizen questions loss of freedoms
November 20, 2005
James Carter of Harrisonville has sent us a copy of a letter he has delivered to his Senators Kit Bond and Jim Talent and Rep. Ike Skelton. In it he has called attention to how U.S. policy ostensibly works towards freedom and democracy for third world nations yet is tightening the reins on individual freedom at home. He asks:

"Have you considered how ironic it is that in the guise of establishing freedom and democracy in every tinhorn country in the world, the United States is denying habeas corpus or access to the courts for individuals confined by our military under pretext of being an enemy combatant?," he asks, reminding everyone that those locked up are denied POW status. And that this same practice is imposed on U.S citizens for actions within the United States, and access to lawyers is denied (Jose Padilla) and future plans include forbidding family members from being informed of the detention???

"That our churches (Church at Pierce Creek, All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, Bob Jones U. among others) are being threatened with loss of 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status if they advocate unacceptable stands on political issues (including anti-war) or political candidates???

"That the CIA (an agency that has done more to initiate and expand foreign wars, instigate acts of violence, and has repeatedly been involved in the overt overthrowing of foreign governments they have installed after overthrowing the previous government; i.e., Diem, Somoza, the Shah, Allende, Peron, Hussein, and others) wants permission to torture prisoners as long as they are not within the U.S.???

"That under the guise of providing security, the FBI and other agencies are compiling information on individuals who are not accused of crime (including all financial records, medical records, even library usage, clandestine home searches and wire taps without warrants, future national ID/driverís license with RFID chips) and are demanding authority to make midnight seizures that is reminiscent of the KGB and the SS (Ref. ECHELON, Patriot I)???

"That our political leaders are increasingly being caught in pathological lying to the citizenry while forbidding government agencies to reveal secrets of their operations and even obtain court orders to deny citizens access to government chicanery and documents (, Sibel Edmonds)??? And the leaking to the public of such information results in greater punishment than the governmentís doing of the forbidden act (Pentagon papers)???

"That in any 'declared emergency' by the president, the president has dictatorial control of all media including TV, radio, and newspapers; all transportation including buses, trains, trucks, and airlines; all utilities, mining, and fuel distribution; all agricultural and food facilities; all hospitals and housing; he can compelled labor allocation; he has control of all financial institutes; all schools and universities; and much more while congress cannot challenge the executive action for six months (Ref. 42 USC # 5195 et al)??? And these conditions do not include the mind-blowing Patriot II provisions.

"That Congress is escalating deficit spending ---a form of theft from the citizens by printing fiat money that devalues the assets citizens hold ???

"That over 60% of the national debt is held by owners of the Federal Reserve and foreign nations who receive $200 billion per year in interest (Ref.

"That the IRS is developing a frenetic obsession to eliminate any resistance to the income tax from an increasingly belligerent citizenry but the IRS and federal judges refuse to identify a law that imposes an income tax on the citizens???

"That government spending (particularly on salaries) is exploding while bankruptcy courts are voiding labor contracts, reducing or voiding private pensions, and slashing non-government wages???

"That government taxes levied on employment along with government regulations and lawsuits are destroying jobs and driving employment offshore ????

"That government decrees forcing hospitals to give free medical services to illegal aliens have driven numerous hospitals into bankruptcy and escalate hospital costs for citizens???

"That privately owned prison industries (paying 25 cents per hour) are directly competing with private industry that must pay taxes to finance the prison industries???

"That the growing of hemp was one of the largest crops in the colonies and the United States for more than 200 years but now results in incarceration ???

"That terminally ill individuals are thrown in jail if alternative medical procedures that are not approved by government are attempted???

"That our elected political leaders over the past 60 years have developed a consistent pattern of allowing our military (which they have allowed to be deployed at the whim of the President) to be involved in actions without a declaration of war by Congress, and for some reason, the president always finds a reason for military involvement while military contractors rejoice and make campaign contributions???

"Donít you consider this strange???

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