Ramblings of a media gnat
February 02, 2006
"Ramblings of a media gnat"...why the title? Obviously the title of "media mogul" is too presumptuous for any Joplin editor. Besides, an editor should be humble. I think that editors like legislators need lobbyists to help them think. It's so easy to make mistakes...I had a dream (no disrespect to the honoree of the month) last night that my daughter's best friend, a male, got married to a female friend of hers. While it should have been a traumatic experience for her just for the sake of breaking some sort of status quo, I was surprised to discover that it wasn't. The wedding broke up a platonic relationship, which means never having to say, I want a divorce...By the way, my daughter has been asked to present a talk based upon her historical research about Lakeside Park at the Carthage Library, February 25, 2006, at 1 p.m. that especially will be interesting to those who remember the park's heyday. Is that news, or what?

According to blogger Randy Turner (comment Feb. 1, 2:56 a.m.):

...The Dave Barrys and Erma Bombecks are few and far between. For the most part, I do not want to read about columnists' home lives, their children, etc, unless they are connected to some local news story...What kind of columnist should area papers be using? The Globe would be better off reducing the frequency of Mike Pound's column and finding two alternating columnists, one who can dig into the personal side of events in the local news and another who can comment forcefully on those same stories.

I dedicate these ramblings to Turner who recently had these comments to make about subjective writing and Pound, who, as yet, hasn't written a book which he could promote. Turner seems to be quite cocksure of his judgments...somehow does that define his importance?

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