Poet's Corner: The Fly and I
February 08, 2006
Lavaun Bushnell says she is inspired by situations around her. A resident of Neosho, Bushnell expresses her emotion over the decision by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to allow MoArk, LLC, a nearby egg-producing CAFO to raise its chicken-laying population by 3.6 million birds.

The Fly and I

There has to be a reason why
We have to be bothered by the fly.
As long as compost and odors continue to bloom,
I will carry my fly swatter from room to room.
Could we find a market for pet flies?
They should be worth something in someone's eyes.
How about homing flies, that return from whence they came?
Suddenly we'd have our share of fame.
Could we sell them on eBay to a place where they have no flies?
We'd be glad to share.
We could market them from city to city, county to county.
That way everyone could share in the bounty.
New ideas, we always need more.
Come join us, then you would be on the ground floor.
I'll close now; the odor is burning my eyes.
I'll grab my swatter and swat more flies.

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