Telephone scammer preys on area person
February 16, 2006
The Jasper County Sheriff's Office wants to remind citizens of an old “scam” that was used today on a senior citizen in the area. While it is doubtful that computer users, who have to watch out for being victimized at every turn, would need this reminder, they are encouraged to contact a friend or relative less savvy to remind him or her to be on the lookout.

The local victim was advised by the caller parading as the "local bank” in the process of updating their files that a confirmation of the victim's account number was needed. Would you read it back to us? the caller convincingly asked.

The reminder from the sheriff's office may be obvious for most: that banking institutions do not do this, they already have account numbers, and they do not conduct this type of business over the telephone.

Victims of this type of scam must immediately go to the bank whose account number they revealed to close out the account, the sheriff's office warned. "If you can’t drive or need help in getting to the bank, call a relative or friend to assist you. Remember, time is critical."

Notifying the bank by phone that you have just been the victim of a scam may be helpful, but actually signing papers to transfer the funds before they are illegally removed is necessary.

The best advice for seniors unsure of the nature of the call for any reason, is simply to hang up.

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