Federal anti-meth law praised
February 22, 2006
Jasper County Drug Task Force led the State of Missouri in reporting methamphetamine laboratory seizures and dumpsites with 118 incidents out of a statewide total of 2,212 as of January 20, 2006. Congressman Roy Blunt (far right) joined Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn (left) and Joplin Police Chief Kevin Lindsey (middle) to herald the expected passage of anti-meth provisions to be found in the Patriot Act Extension. The federal provisions mirror those from anti-meth laws passed in Missouri and surrounding states, but, according to Blunt, are expected to bring more severe penalties for drug traffickers and smugglers as well as those who cook or deal meth in the presence of children. Representatives of law enforcement, citizens and the media met in the lobby of the Joplin Police Department, 303 East 3rd Street on February 21, 2006, to hear the news. Paste this in your browser for anti-meth law provisions www.joplinindependent.com/display_article.php/mariwinn1140618343/(Photo by Vince Rosati)

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