Record amount of PCP seized on I-44
April 01, 2006
A Missouri State Highway Patrol commercial vehicle enforcement officer at the Joplin weigh station on Interstate 44 at the three-mile marker in Newton County stopped an eastbound tractor-trailer unit for a routine inspection and wound up making the largest recorded seizure of phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP, in the nation, according to a report issued by that law enforcement agency.

After the commercial vehicle officer determined there were several violations and noted inconsistencies in the stories of the truck driver and passenger, he summoned the assistance of a trooper. Officers from the Newton County Sheriff’s Department also arrived at the scale house to assist.

Officers conducting the search of the vehicle consented to by the driver located approximately 12 kilograms of cocaine and approximately 40 gallons of PCP, hidden within the tractor-trailer.

The driver, Marzett L. Parker, 35, of Fontana, CA, was found to have a suspended driver’s license and an incomplete driver’s daily logbook. Several other commercial vehicle violations also were detected. A computer check of the passenger, Odell M. Edwards, 36, of San Francisco, CA, revealed a felony warrant issued for his arrest due to a parole violation.

Marzett L. Parker and Odell M. Edwards were arrested for multiple violations, including felony second-degree drug trafficking, and transported to the Newton County Jail.

PCP, otherwise known as "angel dust" or the "peace pill," is a white, crystalline powder that may be swallowed in liquid, tablet or capsule form, snorted, added to other drugs, or injected into the bloodstream. PCP crosses into the brain to produce dissociative symptoms, amnesia, delirium, disordered thought processes, frequent loss of ideas, paranoia, apathy, depersonalization, illusions, and delusions.

“I applaud the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the commercial vehicle enforcement officer whose attention to detail and focused observation skills led to two arrests for multiple violations, including drug trafficking, and resulted in the largest PCP seizure on record," said Gov. Matt Blunt in a statement issued April 1.

“The officer's diligence and patrol's response in yesterday's incident will help ensure Missourians' safety. I also express my continued gratitude for all of our law enforcement personnel. Their daily commitment to protecting our state is an inspiration that deserves to be recognized.”

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