Petition for Article XIV: don't sign blindly
May 04, 2006
One of our readers is concerned over a petition that is circulating within Missouri that she says is not beneficial to the operation of state government, is being presented in a misleading way, and consequently should not be signed. Information on the effect of similar legislation in Colorado may be found here. An initiative petition with almost 300,000 signatures gathered in Oklahoma by its proponents is being challenged in the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Lack of ratification would keep it off the fall ballot. TABOR does have its supporters among those wanting to curtail government growth. In Oklahoma Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Sullivan signed the petition.

To the Editor:

I am writing in opposition to the petition for Article XIV: Pertaining to Finance and Spending. It also is known as the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, or TABOR. This idea may sound good at first glance, but its details must be examined. The people circulating this petition are saying that the idea promotes “no new taxes” and “will give voters the ability to vote on tax increases”. This information is misleading.

TABOR Article XIV proposes a Constitutional Amendment that would restrict the legislature from saving money when the economy is better than it is right now. If passed, this amendment would keep Missouri in a fiscal crisis. Missouri voters approved the Hancock Amendment years ago that limits government spending.

The state of Colorado implemented a TABOR many years ago. The people who supported the TABOR passage in Colorado are now the people trying to repeal the amendment. This tells me they made a mistake and they are trying to fix their mistake. Missouri does not need to make this same mistake.

Don’t Sign the Article 14 Petition!

Elisa Coonrod, BSN RN
Bois Darc, MO

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