Vote for Missouri's new license plate
February 17, 2007
The Missouri Department of Revenue wants Missourians to cast a vote to help select the state's new license plate, according to a release by Trish Vincent, the MDOR director.

The choices, that apparently have been mulled around by an official License Plate Advisory Committee formed by SB 1233 in 2004, include two plates with a white background, one with a "ribbon" through the word "Missouri," the other with a mirrored image of the name. Both show a round orb, presumably a sun. The third selection has a blue background, drops the sun, but adds a bluebird (state bird), an outline of the state and moves the words "Show Me State" from the bottom of the plate to the right side.

You may vote between now and March 5, 2007, here, but don't be disappointed when you find that the voting results are not being tabulated for viewing.

The design for the current plate was created by St. Louis artist Bill O'Donnell and was unveiled on April 1, 1996. The appropriateness of April Fool's Day has not be lost on those critics of his choice of a wavy blue line to represent the state's many bodies of water--rivers, streams and lakes, that now appear on the 303-list of impaired waterways.

Missourians have the option of choosing from a variety of license plate designs, many personalized. Of course, you might want to shell out forty bucks for a "FIGHT TERRORISM" license plate. The Missouri Office of Homeland Security will thank you for your interest in the security of the state.

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