An unintended restaurant review...of sorts
April 01, 2007
I had a nice dining experience last night. I assume it isn't unique for the place.

Actually, I even had the feeling, misguided though it was at the time, that the establishment considered that I might be writing a restaurant review. That wasn't my original intent.

I am reminded of the New York Times stringer whom I saw dining in a Tampa, FL area restaurant. She had an array of food around her and knew just when she could sneak her inconspicuous Leica out of her handbag to photograph the dishes.

Of course, having a glass of wine does wonders for creating a mellow mood. I ordered the house cabernet. See, I can't even tell you the name of the vintner. I took no notes and didn't "borrow" a menu. I can report that the wine for $3.75 was served at the correct temperature in an appropriate glass and was of a generous portion.

I ordered the special of the night: prime rib. My selection of two sides included a baked potato that would have come garnished with whatever delighted me--I chose sour cream (the server said, "Is that all?") and a salad. The salad was adequate, but the prime rib (excuse the expression) melted in my mouth. The ladies portion was $12.95.

Mid-way through my meal the manager came over to ask if everything was satisfactory. That's a nice touch. She went after my server to find out why my bread was delayed; I assumed that it needed to come out of the oven. The bread arrived soon after piping hot.

It was 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, and there was a wait list at this restaurant. Those waiting to be seated didn't seem to mind that they had to hunker down in a small chairless space having to stare at the dessertboard. I did feel somewhat guilty being seen slowly sipping the tea I had ordered after my meal from a nice tall mug.

Chatters is relatively new in its Webb City location, I think, having first been established in Pittsburg, KS at the site of a former Kitchen Pass Restaurant. Writing on the side of a truck outside proclaimed both Chatters and Crabby's but I haven't researched the connection.

If you've visited the place, tell us what you think about it. Chatters is located at 1010 S. Madison, in a strip mall just north of Wal-Mart.

Comments by Mari Winn Taylor

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