Bucher's lecture is a hit with the lunch crowd
September 20, 2008
Burt Bucher, an art professor at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin offered a free slide lecture on the history of stencil printing during a noon lunch hour. His talk took place recently at the Spiva Center for the Arts' 222 W. Third St., Joplin and coincided with Spiva's ongoing gallery exhibit Midwestern Sensibilities, featuring screened works by the late Robert W. Addison. Bucher is shown having pushed ink through a polyester screen glued onto a press. While he said that this form of printing evolved from the use of stencils to create ancient art drawings on caves to the use of stencils to decorate kimonos (kata-gami) to present-day digitally processed art, it is still the focus of a major debate over whether it is really art.

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