Locals provide audience for TV production
October 12, 2008

Greene HD Productions brought its latest project to the Coleman Theatre on Route 66 in downtown Miami, OK recently. A shout went out to Coleman supporters to help fill their auditorium on October 6, 2008 for a free concert. They were promised that Rhythms of the Road, a 13-part series on the Mother Road, would air on TV across America and possibly abroad.

"Maybe, some of our foreign visitors will see us again on TV," a spokesperson for the Coleman said. The Coleman Theatre, as well as a venue for local productions, is a popular stopping off point for travelers along the famous highway.

Before the cameras began rolling, the show's emcee/performer took the stage and led a crowd warming exercise. Practice clapping like Tiger Woods would practice, he said, and he raised the enthusiasm of the crowd with each wave of his hands.

And clap they did, louder and louder, until the crystals trembled on the Coleman's fabled chandelier.

Volunteers had been asked to fill in the seats in the front rows. "It's not church," the emcee said. He explained that when the cameras panned the audience during the performance, having vacant seats would not send a positive message to the TV viewing audience. But in spite of his continued appeal to get people to move up front, he had to be resigned with some open spaces.

Several performers whose names would not be household words took the stage in what was to be the filming of two 40-minute segments featuring rock 'n roll and country music with singers accompanied by a five piece band.

The audience favorite based upon how loud they clapped or cat-called was a rendition of Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock." And by the time "Splish Splash" was performed some had left their seats and were dancing in the aisles. Other songs included "Beyond the Sea," "Everybody Loves a Lover," and "My Boyfriend's Back."

The group that filmed locally, were on a 10-day junket that took them to the St. Louis Union Station; the Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon, MO; Shamrock, TX and Big Texan in Amarillo, TX. The final concert schedule will include the Mid-Point Cafe in Adrian, TX tomorrow and Standing on the Corner Park in Winslow, AZ on October 15..

With 16 years experience Greene Productions has been working with HDTV since the fall of 1995.

Photos by Vince Rosati

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