Firefighter testing and hiring goes collaborative
December 12, 2008
Pre-hire testing for firefighter candidates will take on a regional approach. Members of the Tri-State Fire Recruitment Alliance, including the fire departments of Joplin, Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District, Neosho, Nevada, Redings Mill Fire Protection District and the Strafford Fire Protection District will pool their efforts to share testing and create a database of eligible candidates. The names of the successful candidates will remain in the database for one year from the date of the testing.

Candidates for any of these agencies will be able to sign up for the next written testing on Friday, Dec. 19, 2008 in the basement conference room at Joplin City Hall, 602 S. Main Street and for physical testing that will be administered on Saturday, Dec. 20 (and the 21st, if needed) at Joplin Memorial Hall, 212 W. 8th St.

This regional approach to firefighter candidate testing has benefits for both the candidates and the participating agencies. Obviously, the candidates looking to attain a position as a firefighter need only test once to be considered by several agencies, saving time and money. Benefiting the agencies, collaborative testing provides for better test validation, uniformity in requirements, non-duplication of recruitment expenses and a more broad candidate pool.

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