McIndoe [Water] Park again makes headlines
October 10, 2009

McIndoe Park at the Low Water Bridge in Joplin again is submerged by a heavy rainstorm.

Several roads were closed to traffic in Joplin as heavy rain fell on October 8, 2009. Flood warnings were issued in Southwest Missouri with the heaviest rain located south of Kansas City. The usual scenario occurred with warm moist air from the south colliding with cold air aloft. The conditions also produced embedded thunderstorms, the worst of which killed a man and his cow in Laclede County southwest of St. Louis.

The Low Water Bridge at the base of Jackson Avenue in Joplin was quickly closed to traffic as the water from Shoal Creek began to surge onto the roadway and eventually cover large sections of adjacent Glendale Road. Not visible the day after the storm was the McIndoe parking lot whose macadam surface prevented water from seeping into the ground.

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