Missouri park system needs your donation, says DNR
January 16, 2010
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has its hand out. The agency that many believe has been underfunded in order not to thwart business interests disinterested in environmental protection, is asking for donations to preserve and maintain Missouri's 85 state parks and historic sites.

According to the DNR, the primary source of funding for the Missouri state park system comes from half of the dedicated one-tenth-of-one percent parks, soils and water sales tax and that this revenue only represents approximately three-fourths of the budget. Other funding does come from camping and concession revenues, souvenir sales net receipts and fees, but no figures were given for what those figures represent or whether increases in them are mandated.

All donations, the DNR says, will be used as funding for repair and maintenance of existing buildings and to provide services such as boardwalks, educational exhibits, upgraded campgrounds and interpretive programming.

'Feeling generous? Go here. 'Not inclined to make a donation today? The DNR says, "Other donation opportunities will be added in the future."

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