Why we've taken a stand in the race for Senator
October 28, 2010
As Independents we don't generally take a stand unless there's a reason for it. We find pros and cons in all politicians. However, in the case of who should fill the seat vacated by Senator Christoper "Kit" Bond, we can't help but add our "two-cents" even if it alienates our Democratic readers.

Representative Roy A. Blunt hands down has the experience to fill this role. All we seem to hear from his opponent is about Roy's "self-interests." But we haven't forgotten what he did to improve the quality of life for Southwest Missourians--in advancing educational opportunities, in getting funding for improvement of our infrastructure and in promoting agri-business and small business interests. He visited us often, open-minded and concerned, willing to shake the hand of anyone who approached him.

We already have one Democratic Senator. She may visit her fellow Democratic constituents here from time to time but facing criticism after one of her town halls, she seems to have decided to shun the majority of the public. We can't seem to be able to list what she specifically has done for our neck of the woods. We do recognize that we don't need another Democratic Senator following in her footsteps on the other side of the state.

Another thing...although we aren't gun-toting NRA members, we do not want someone interested in legislation interfering with our right to bear arms. Contrary to the philosophy of Roy's opponent, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, Roy co-sponsored or signed legislation that firmly protected this right.

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