Hope Memorial is unveiled
November 12, 2011
Those impacted by the Joplin tornado attended a service at the Joplin Family Worship Center on November 12, 2011. Unveiled was the Hope Memorial, pictured, a multi-media, community-based piece of art made from the debris and wreckage of the Salvation Army Thrift Store at the corner of 26th and Main. Under the direction of Brent Morris, set apart, a Kansas City creative arts ministry together with a team of 20 gifted artists and creatives, worked for six months to be able to bring this gift to the people of Joplin. The concept behind the piece is that each new day the morning sun brings the hope of a new beginning. Seen are the sun's rays rising above the Joplin skyline while proclaiming the city's motto and "Hope" in the morning sky. The hands of God are holding the sun, embracing the city and extending hope.

The memorial will remain at the worship center for a while, then be transported to the Joplin Salvation Army Distribution Center before finding its permanent home in the reconstructed thrift store.

Like the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem people from around the world were able to leave messages that were incorporated into transparent compartments on the back of the piece. To read them go to this website - www.setapartkc.com/prayers-for-joplin.html

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