We're concerned about the Keystone XL pipeline
March 03, 2012

Before you Republicans blindly accept the party line that the Keystone XL pipeline must be built for jobs, jobs, jobs or whatever the current party excuse is, consider the words spoken by this Nebraska organic farmer.

Who actually owns this oil and where is its ultimate destination? Just how many jobs will be created, who will fill them and does the construction of the pipeline justify creating temporary jobs at the expense of losing jobs and businesses that will be affected?

Contamination of an aquifer is a serious issue. Consider turning on your own tap. What if you couldn't use the water from it? And did you know, as the farmer in this interview suggests, that the pipeline would be built on a fault line that has erupted recently?

Big Business has money to throw around. Will there be people such as yourselves to stand up and say, "no, you can't buy my soul."

Renewable Rider Tom Weis hears organic farmer Robert Bernt talk about how Keystone XL would threaten his family's livelihood by contaminating Nebraska's Cedar River. Robert talks about the "long, scary, unbelievable fight" against Keystone XL and how TransCanada has divided Nebraskans with lies: they "buy their way, force their way, threaten eminent domain..." He provides a disturbing first-hand account of how he was "ridiculed," "humiliated" and "put down" by Nebraska legislators at a public hearing on Keystone XL, giving the unmistakable appearance of politicians on the take. He describes TransCanada representatives openly mocking a member of the public at that same hearing, calling them "ruthless" and "careless," with "no concern for their fellow man..."

We thank Tom Weis, president of Climate Crisis Solutions, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, for creating this video and for Jim Nopik, a Nebraska farmer and concerned citizen for sharing it with us.

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