Birthday dust, dog turds & other provoking items
April 19, 2012
Hearing a lot these days about future water shortages on TV news when lo and behold I heard some gurgling. No water came out of the tap when I turned it on. I thought the worst, of course. Then I heard some noise outside. OMG, was everything backing up?

Luckily, no. Two guys with an unmarked pick-up were fiddling with my water meter. It was being changed, they said. You should have water now. I don't recall that the water company sent out notices of the event. By the way, whenever there is talk of the need for a new reservoir or such we have monsoonal rain.....

Of late I've been so focused on the need for "commuter" rail service that I never gave a thought to buses. Jefferson Lines recently announced discontinuance of service in Butler, Peculiar and Pineville. Who knew they even stopped there?.....

"The most powerful memorials are often those that remind us of horrific events," announces a commentary in an edition of last month's St. Louis Post Dispatch, referencing a plaque in the southeast corner of the Springfield town square that memorializes the lynching of three black men in 1906. It goes on to state, "There might be no better symbol of what a sexist place the Missouri Capitol is than [including] a bust of Rush Limbaugh, the nation's foremost misogynist." Whatever became of this controversy? The mainstream media picks up this stuff then drops it without any follow-up, not that we can brag differently, but then we are short-staffed and cash starved. I guess that I need to search the topic on the web. Somehow I always get sidetracked.

The topic recently on the CNET Community Help website concerned the problem with "bandwidth leeches." It seems that someone who owns a pub with free WiFi was troubled by users outside of his business catching his signal and potentially causing him to pay for extra bandwidth from his service provider.

Well, I am reminded of folks who grumble over having to input a password before being able to access a WiFi hot spot. For example, McAlister's requires their customers to input information found on their cash register receipts. Well, this is one of the solutions offered by Lee Koo, the communications manager for the CNET website.

David Axelrod, Obama's chief campaign strategist, has been floating an e-mail around the Internet to Dems and Independents--not sure if he's reaching the right people, the Republican naysayers who are dissing the healthcare plan. Without, of course, mentioning that in order for it to be economically feasible, everyone without insurance mandatorily has to be enrolled, he does bring up its good points which include: preventing a lifetime cap on insurance coverage, keeping kids on their parents' plans until they're 26, removing the stigma of "pre-existing" conditions that compromise coverage, and equalizing the premiums among both sexes....

For the last two nights as I approach my decade-changing birthday, I have been having dreams in which I turn to dust. (It was Adolph Hitler's, too. 'Glad he's dust.) Pretty intense, eh? I have to admit that some of the preliminary pain is real, having spent the past couple of weeks in the back-breaking task of yardwork--weeding and planting. For all that work, of course, it is a sad thought that I wouldn't be around to see the flowers bloom--well, maybe not the sticks that I put in the ground from the Licking, Missouri state nursery that are supposed to become trees. Foot by foot I'm trying to reduce the size of my front lawn (if the definition also includes the weeds growing in it). A friend and I have theorized that the May 22, 2011 tornado dislocated all sorts of "wildflowers" and spread them hither and yon, mostly hither if the looks of my lawn is any indication., but better the result of the destructive wind than the wind itself. My house was about nine blocks south of the tornado's path.

I had a row with one of my neighbors recently. She and a group of others were standing in the street in front of my house while her dog lifted his leg on my struggling blue spruce and was sniffing around in preparation for doing number 2. After I confronted her about it from my doorway---it was not a polite tete a tete I must admit---I heard her say to her friends that I was a nutcase and after the remark did nothing to rein in her dog. Luckily, her husband who was part of the group was a bit more understanding. Do I have to have owned a dog to understand the attitude that many dog owners have? Do they have to spend time gardening and mistakenly pull up a turd? Oh, if the dog did anything I was plotting on where to find a couple of cow patties to grace a front porch. Frustration fosters retribution...Whatever happened to reason?

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