SB 611 protects MoDOT workers, changes permit rule
July 11, 2012
Motorists will have to slow down or change lanes when approaching Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) vehicles parked on the side of the road with amber and white lights flashing. Gov. Jay Nixon signed Senate Bill 611 into law to expand the 2002 "Slow Down and Move Over" law that previously only protected law enforcement and emergency response vehicles. The new law takes effect on August 28, 2012.

“We are committed to the safety of all Missourians and our MoDOT workforce,” said MoDOT Director Kevin Keith. “I am grateful to the governor and Missouri Legislature for recognizing the importance of protecting MoDOT workers in the same way as the Highway Patrol and other emergency responders.”

Passage of the law was the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission’s highest priority during the 2012 legislative session. Since 2000, four MoDOT employees have been killed on the job. On July 16, 2012, they and 124 others killed while on the job since 1946 will have a memorial erected in their memory on Capitol grounds near MoDOT's central office building in Jefferson City. It was completely funded with private donations.

“About 2,400 MoDOT employees work on Missouri highways every day, often in high-volume traffic,” said MoDOT State Maintenance Engineer Beth Wright. “Their number-one priority is to work safely, and we appreciate every effort to help get them home safely every day.”

Other provision of SB 611

The act modifies the process for issuing temporary permits to owners of motor vehicles. Instead of the paper permit that was placed in the interior of a vehicle, a weather-resistant permit will be issued that must be consistent with placement of regular registration plates until such time that a title and registration are being obtained. If purchased from a dealer, he may not charge more than $5 for each permit, down from the original charge of $7.50.

MoDOT's Holly Dentner contributed to this report.

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