I am woman, bug off
July 12, 2012
To the editor:

(Oh, oops, I am the editor)

I keep seeing all these messages from Republicans like those of John Brunner, candidate for U.S. Senate vying for the seat held by Claire McCaskill, in which he wants to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in its entirety. Never mind that it takes care of the donut hole that has bankrupted people trying to pay their medical bills, never mind that it allows students to remain on their parents' medical insurance plans until they finally graduate, get out of the house and get jobs. Most importantly, never mind that the Republican-controlled House has trouble agreeing on legislation that doesn't benefit big business and would never agree to a replacement, let alone a better one.

Brunner says he wants to ensure that Americans' religious liberties are always protected. He wants to repeal the act because Missouri Republicans lost their state's rights effort to circumvent the health care act and now have to override the governor's veto of their Pro Life Legislation that would have made issuing birth control pills a religious issue.

Why do men running for office think they're going to get the majority of the women's vote with their attitudes? Not all of us are subservient wives lost in the '50s. Stop acting as dictators. Women who have any kind of a brain support pro choice. There's a limit to how many diapers we want to change. The money for diapers is going towards a well-deserved vacation.

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