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June 20, 2016
A garden party was hosted by Joplin Regional Artists Coalition (JRAC) board member April Davis-Brunner and her husband Larry at their property, Historical Cox Springs. They had purchased the 17-acre property at the corner of Highway 249 and Old 71 at auction in June 2014, and made extensive alterations to the structures on it as well as improving the landscaping. It just seemed like it had to be shared with Davis-Brunner's artist friends and supporters. And so on June 11, 2016, it was. Admission was free.

John C. Cox, one of the founders of Joplin in 1842 originated Historic Cox Springs. It became a water stop for the Butterfield Stagecoach in the late 1800s and became an encampment during the Civil War.

My daughter's husband has spoiled her, said well-known artist Lowell Davis, chatting with some guests. The couple was the envy of many who knew about the beauty of the property.

Guests came and went. One couple at the gate relayed the message to be sure to sample the food which included containers of chili, cornbread, assorted vegetables and fruits and beverages.

The event meant to raise money for JRAC featured the sale of alcoholic beverages, ceramics and paintings displayed under tents and a raffle for a bar-b-cue grille. Several members had donated their work for a shared profit silent auction.

Conversing under the trees was delightful. Strolling along the running spring was cooling. A little girl became the envy of everyone wanting also to dip their feet in.

Live music was provided by a group huddled near the gazebo. In that area beside nice shade was a waterwheel and a rope held suspension bridge and also, not to forget, a passing swan.

JRAC membership includes professional and amateur artists, art enthusiasts, and patrons of the visual arts. For a list of members go here.

Membership is $35 per person for anyone 18-years of age and older, living within a 100-mile radius of Joplin. Sponsorship is encouraged. For more information send an e-mail here.

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