Royal Doyle and the animal farm
January 08, 2007
I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been screwed. There was one time in the night that my cat walked on my stomach when he wanted me to let him out. That wasn't it. When he thumped on the basement window to let him back in, I did, and that wasn't it. When I settled down again, seeking more sleep, the cat elbowed me and shoved himself into my right side where he then comfortably slept. Splayed out in the middle of the bed, he still sleeps and will, as cats do, for most of the day until he'll want me for the "I'll starve if you don't feed me NOW!" daily portion of mushy food from the little cat food can (somehow, it is so much more filling than the dry stuff) and then he'll sleep again.

The feeling of a royal screwing, or more like a (if possible) subtle but violent date rape was by the Royal Doyle and his DNR henchmen on Friday in Joplin and Carthage. Did you notice, all of his toadies lined the back of the rooms in both settings -- again? Déjà vu. Like vultures, they stood behind us ready to swarm and subdue if we citizens were to get unruly.

Stun-guns at the ready? Could be. It's like they all line up shoulder to shoulder and move in unison at the ready if something untoward should happen and they need to spring into action all at once to save their leader. Is he that insecure that he needs a gaggle of worker bees in the back of the room nodding in approval?

Pesky citizens who pay their salaries could get riled up and rush the Royal Doyle? Why aren't these posse members out "working" instead of watching the backs of our heads? In Carthage, I even noticed the useless-environmental-business-abuse-enabler Cowboy George Parsons. Is it true that he spoke before we got there? I suppose he was doing his corporate toady job defending any and all for-profit entities. I didn't get the chance to ask him about his retirement that, in my opinion, is way past due. How much more harm to our environment can he help to move along through neglect of enforcement?

You know, when the cat (gotta love him) takes advantage of me, I don't mind and I enjoy him and the way he knows how to manipulate me. But Doyle Childers and his posse of DNR corporate toadies make me feel defensive, angry, small, overwhelmed, trapped, ineffectual, confused, have violent feelings and thoughts of retribution, and really, really major sad that they treat "we the people" with such disregard and disdain. (Thought I'd run out of adjectives, didn't you?) They have forgotten their mission is to protect our environment from those who despoil and poison it for short-term profit. I'm saddened they see us as a chronic complaining enemy and not as cohorts and partners in protecting our quality of life in a democratic manner.

What was that bit about the newly found 1938 WPA report -- and shouldn't it be in some Missouri historical museum? I thought there was no backward looking -- just forward into ruined land and used-up resources. And, was he trying to point out to us that there have been no records kept or studies done since 1938, and, as he said, there were 50 full-time employees working on that water study and that now he doesn't have the staff or the money? So, I'm wondering, what purpose has the Missouri DNR played in preserving and protecting the water and the air and the environment of Missouri since 1938?

In my opinion, the seven Ombudsmen jobs created as political favors to those loyal to Governor Blunt would be better spent on scientists as well as testing equipment for the Stream Teams. Those newly created positions have great benefits and retirement packages included. And, what do those DNR toadies lining the back of the room do for their salaries and retirement packages that we pay for with our taxes? How do they benefit the citizens of Missouri?

Again, I can't help but feel like I've been screwed in some kind of a circuitous verbal manner (that is really physical underneath it all) by Doyle Childers. I think that the real reason for his being in our neck of Southwest Missouri was the MoArk meeting and that the two meetings with "the private sector" which conveniently ignored the elephant in the room, Neosho, were to make some sort of quota that Royal Doyle can present to the governor to let him know that he has met with the (to them) not-so-bright commoners to appease and distract we peons while the DNR shills for corporate miscreants. I seem to have missed the shiny object.

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