Joplin Globe's columnists are biased
May 29, 2013
To the editor:

Marilyn Beasley and Paul Greenberg are often posted in the Joplin Globe. Mr. Greenberg's forum wasn't too bad today [May 26, 2013] but he usually smacks of anti-Obamaism, blaming him for everything from his four minute egg being overdone to the moon isn't setting right.

What I hear is the GOP has egg on their face for the IRS and Bengahzi episodes. I'd like to see more in print that Obama is the good guy he is. The GOP needs to back off and do their job.

If I were younger I'd see if I could get a civil class action suit started against the Senate via each state whose worthless Senators slander the President but fail to accomplish anything but promote bigotry.

The Globe's Obama witch hunts are getting stale. Why don't they just print that they are part of and being paid by FOX?

M.J. McKinney, Miami, OK


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