Pragmatic approach to education is the answer
July 11, 2016
To the editor:

The "Crisis in Higher-Education" is generally thought of as one of:

  1. Not enough kids getting into college

  2. College needs to be made more affordable

The conventional thinking is that if one, or preferably both of these points are corrected- that young people will then "live happily ever after."

Unfortunately, the higher-ed crisis has little to do with any of this, as evidenced by the answer to this simple question, "If every kid went to college, and college was free- would that make a difference in the outcome of 55% college grad unemployment/underemployment?" The answer is "no"- with the real crisis being revealed to be one of failed college-to-career outcomes for a majority of college grads.

The problem comes down to mistaken assumptions, as an example that simply by getting into college an individual will do better in life, and to planning for college without taking into account the actual outcomes that may likely occur based on the planning choices made.

Michael R. Havis. president and founder of Educate to Career

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