Information: New tool for tracking greenhouse gas
January 15, 2012
Click on this link to find a tool that allows viewers access to comprehensive greenhouse gas data reported in 2010 directly from large Missouri facilities and suppliers. It includes public information from facilities in nine industry groups that directly emit large quantities of GHGs. The GHG Reporting Program launched in October 2009 was mandated by the BY2008 Consolidated Appropriations Act.

The data for direct emitters show that nationwide in 2010 power plants were the largest stationary sources of direct emissions with 2,324 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (mmtCO2e), followed by petroleum refineries with emissions of 183 mmtCo2e. CO2 accounted for the largest share of direct GHG emissions with 95 percent, followed by methane with four percent and nitrous oxide and fluoridated gases accounting for the remaining one percent.

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