Parable of the fly
August 07, 2006
What happens when a fly dives into a cup of coffee?
An Englishman drops the cup and goes away.
The American takes the fly out and drinks the coffee.
The Chinaman eats the fly and throws away the coffee.
The Japanese drinks the coffee with the fly because it's part of the deal.
The Israeli sells the coffee to the American, the fly to the Japanese and buys a new cup.
The Palestinian blames the Israeli for violence acted against him by throwing a fly in his own coffee, then he asks for help from the UN, takes a loan from the E.U. ostensibly to buy a new coffee but uses the money to buy explosives to blast the coffee house where the American, the Japanese, the Englishman, and the Chinese sit! everyone tries to suggest to the Israeli that it was he that was too violent!

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