We are not a free people
July 05, 2005

As millions of Americans prepared for a grand Independence Day celebration this weekend, many of those same Americans were beginning to question to what extent they have lost their freedoms. If Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington were among us today, would they recognize the Constitution or the Country that they fought and bled for so many years ago?

Dr. Curt Frazier of Springfield, Chairman of the Constitution Party in Missouri, says no, they would not. "Last week, two Democrat and three Republican judges of the US Supreme Court made an incredible leap beyond reason and determined that Americans do not have property rights, under the Constitution," Frazier pointed out. He continued:

The U.S. Constitution clearly states, in the 5th Amendment, that governments can only take property under eminent domain for very few public uses, such as some roadways or public buildings. The right to own property is an essential precept in a free society. If you cannot own property, you are not truly a free person.

The Constitution isn’t difficult to read or comprehend,” said Frazier, "it was even taught in government schools. Even an 8th grader could understand the basics. What we have in our judiciary, especially, our federal judiciary, are activist socialist judges who do not care what the Constitution says, they are there to change our society by legislating from the bench--this despite the fact that only Congress may legislate; yet they have resolved to codify the high court's decisions in recent decades."

Not long ago, several Supreme Court Judges openly stated that they were relying on European court determinations to aid them at arriving at their decisions. Oddly, these judges find so called “rights” in the Constitution where there are none, and, deny rights where the Constitution is explicit in stating those rights.

Again, I say, the right to own and control personal property, including, real estate, is a fundamental right; the framers used the words "life, liberty and property" as inherent, God-given rights, and by which government was instituted to protect. Most Americans naively tolerate property taxes, not realizing that such taxes are the government's claim of ownership; fail to pay your taxes (rent), and the government seizes it and sells it on the courthouse steps.

Now the Court has gone a step further by legalizing theft in broad daylight as malls and condos garner more tax dollars than do private residences. This incremental tyranny shouldn't surprise us, but, what should surprise us is that all this is happening while alleged conservatives are dominating the major branches of government. We are not a free people.

Ten Commandments Issue

When asked about last week’s ruling by the Supreme Court against open display of the Ten Commandments in a federal building, Dr. Frazier responded, “Thou shall not kill (shed innocent blood),” and, “Thou shall not steal” are moral absolutes. So, what is it about the Ten Commandments that so upset the ruling elite? The Constitution Party supported Judge Roy Moore of Alabama in his heroic effort to maintain the time honored display of the Ten Commandments in public places. Alabama Attorney General, William Pryor, received guidance from the White House in ousting the Commandments as well as Judge Roy Moore from the Alabama Supreme Court in Montgomery. Pryor was rewarded for his success against the Commandments and Moore by being given a recess appointment to the U.S. Circuit Court in Atlanta by President Bush.

More Republicrat Judges is not the answer. More righteous judges who will rule in the fear of God and adhere to the fundamental precepts of the Constitution is the answer. Lord willing, the Constitution Party will help bring about that change.” Constitution Party members were out in force this holiday weekend. They launched their 2006 ballot access petition drive at various Independence Day celebrations in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and outstate Missouri. “Our petitioners reported that the issue of eminent domain was the number one issue on the minds of most of those who signed our petitions.

by Donna Ivanovich, Fenton, MO

vice chairwoman, Constitution Party of Missouri

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