Mormon claims gay boys in BSA is immoral
May 19, 2013
To the editor:

Mormons are not OK with the idea of morally dumbing down the Boy Scouts of America with the admission of homoelective (homosexual) boys to the program. Besides, a lawsuit would soon follow to permit homoelective adult leaders in as well; a coup de grace to the traditional essence of Boy Scouting.

I learned years ago that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would pull its packs and troops out of the BSA and start their own scout program if the BSA ever allowed homoelectives in. I think that would be the best response; especially if morally straight members of other Christian churches were allowed to participate.

Just as the Mormon Church has grown worldwide, so has organized militant homosexuality with the LGBT. The church is, by its nature, non-contentious and I suppose has too much exposure to contend with an organization like the LGBT.

Michael W. Jarvis, Salt Lake City, Utah

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