Missouri Leadership grows online
May 09, 2005
The Greene County Democrat: Southwest Missouri progressive organization adds new digital publication to their portfolio

Missouri Leadership, a statewide political action committee formed by Greene County residents, was just brought online earlier this year. Now this fresh progressive organization is the proud publisher of the Greene County Democrat.

“We had such a great response to what we were doing online that others started asking for our help across the 7th Congressional District,” said originating member Robert Brantley. “Our first external publication was the Stone County Democrat.”

It may seem odd that the first digital publication offered by these Greene County Democrats was for another county, but according to Brantley, the internet has no physical boundries.

“There are not barriers online,” he said. “When a Stone County Democrat requested our help the only appropriate response was ‘we’ll do it today’.”

Since officially coming online in January, web traffic is growing at an exponential rate. According to webstats there were over 60,000 hits in April alone. Very few organizations grow so quickly.

“We apparently offer a service to Democrats across the state that no one else can match,” Brantley explained. “We help candidates, progressive organizations, and political committees with everything from campaign management to effective organization of their volunteers. "If a candidate or progressive organization wants a walk list for door-to-door efforts we produce it.”

The kicker is that Missouri Leadership provides these organizational and creative services for free. They rely on financial contributions from concerned citizens to fund operations across the state.

“Many times candidates and committees have great desire but don’t have the necessary funds to hire a consultant and run an effective campaign,” Brantley said. “What we do is provide institutional support and fill in the gap with our volunteers.”

Read the May edition of the Greene County Democrat here.

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