ISIS' evil gets thumbs up
July 08, 2015
“Slow down, I can’t understand you,” the Prince of Darkness uttered, as his nefarious cohort babbled on. "Beelzebub, the number two ranking member of the “Hades Hierarchy,” second only to Lucifer himself, could barely contain his excitement!

“Again, what do you have my diabolical General, so astounding you would dare bother me?” Satan had been interrupted viewing his old recordings of the Spanish Inquisition, major earthquakes, world wars, the Holocaust, and other such treasured horrific cataclysms, in his chambers, as he did every afternoon, or what passed for afternoon in Hell.

“Your plan is working fabulously eminence!” blurted the dark imp, “just fabulous!”

“Which plan?” came Satan’s somewhat edgy retort?

“ISIS Master!” Beelzebub blurted out gleefully.”

“Explain,” the Fallen One said simply.

Beelzebub told his Evil Liege, the American President was standing firm in his decision to engage with very limited options to counter this nebulous evil, perhaps the darkest the world has ever faced, even eclipsing Nazism. Then he went on to explain how ISIS was now going door to door in territories they had overrun, actually setting those not submissive to their brand of Islam, literally on fire! Instead of narrating to the world the U.S. would do “whatever it takes”, the President has remained in his seemingly unbreakable stance of assuring that American soldiers not “be put in harms way,” this, in spite of recent ISIS advances.

This is very akin to a fire department fighting a blaze, shutting off their hoses, after a certain amount of water, had been carefully metered thru, and going home, despite the blaze still burning, with human beings possibly trapped in the raging inferno.

Hideous laughter began to emanate from the dark archfiend Mephistopheles, as he began to realize his overwhelming evil designs had finally come to fruition. “Evil” was winning, “Good” seemed to be losing! Mankind had once again allowed one of their leaders to be part and parcel to perdition, while ignoring themselves, what good men should do. They seemed to be strangely indifferent to the pure evil of ISIS in eradicating Jews, Christians, and other Muslims.

The laughter and howling is emanating from that fire and brimstone pit, and growing stronger each day. Anyone out there think ISIS will stop?

Commentary by Mike Polka, New London, Iowa

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