Changing role of "the Church"
October 21, 2009
To the editor:

I just finished reading a book which presents the picture of outreach fellowships which we shall call "the Church." In our land it stated that 85 % of these churches have plateaued or are declining.

The stages of decline vary, but a change in direction is needed if we are to survive as a vital force in the world which we live.

The thing which caught my interest was that one of the signs of change was an awareness of a need in the community for more than just Sunday morning worship. The need for Churches to become involved in the lives of families in crisis and be a driving force for help to all people (not just those who hang out at the church on Sunday.

I am glad to have partnered with Churches that fit this description--with people of different denominations who have a heart for people and are on the cutting edge of change for the good in our church world.

Melvin Stapp, minister
Monark Baptist Church, Neosho

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