Don't be the fourth or greater Joplin fatality
December 01, 2011
During the month of December the Joplin Police Department would like to remind everyone about traffic safety. During the holiday season there is more traffic on the roadways and therefore there is a greater potential for vehicle crashes to occur. We would like to remind everyone to be sure and plan ahead and to give yourself extra time to get to where you are going. We would also like to remind everyone to not be distracted while driving.

During 2011 the Joplin Police Department has worked three fatality crashes. Three fatalities is three too many and our goal is to complete the year with no more fatalities. We are asking the publicís assistance to accomplish this goal. Our second goal is to reduce the total number of crashes below 2,000. This is a reachable goal and again with the publicís assistance we can obtain this goal. Our third goal is to have an overall reduction in the number of injury crashes. We are currently on target to accomplish this goal but once again we need your help to make this a reality.

The Joplin Police Department would like to offer the following reminders about traffic safety:

Editor's note: Especially for out-of-towners, check a Joplin map before heading to the Northpark Mall. Range Line Road traffic already is heavy and will be a killer closer to Hanukah and/or Christmas. There are several alternative routes that allow drivers to avoid riding up and down Range Line.

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