Joplin Police Blotter: Checkpoint catches 5 DUI
March 12, 2012
On March 10, 2012 the Joplin Police Department hosted a DWI Checkpoint in the area of 1111 N. Main. The checkpoint was a part of the Southwest Missouri DWI Taskforce. A total of 16 officers from Monett PD, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, Carthage PD, Carterville PD, and Joplin PD all assisted with the checkpoint. The Jasper/Newton County MADD chapter also assisted.

The checkpoint was held from 9:30 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. A total of 832 cars went through the checkpoint. There were a total of five people arrested for DWI. There were also 13 citations issued, 57 warnings issued, 3 people arrested for Minor in Possession, and two arrested for Possession of Marijuana for a total of 10 arrests.

This checkpoint was funded through a grant provided by the Missouri Department of Transportation Highway Safety Division.

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