Motorists insist on beating the train
April 30, 2014
The Joplin Police Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Kansas City Southern Railroad conducted the “Officer on A Train” campaign on April 24, 2014, in an effort to help increase grade crossing safety. The event placed police officers on a train to help share the vision that an engineer would see from the train. While on the train officers would watch for violations of railway signals and the drivers that violated the railroad warning signals would be contacted.

“One thing that we hope to achieve is a raised awareness that all traffic has to stop for a flashing red rail road signal before proceeding," Sgt. Rusty Rives said. "With newer technologies in automobiles that reduce external sound and an increased number of distractions approaching trains may be harder to detect. We would like to remind drivers that crashes with trains often result in serious injury or death and to please pay attention to advanced warning and active warning devices."

During this year's campaign officers issued 12 citations for violations of railway signals.

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