Joplin Fire Dept. is subject of phone scam
June 04, 2014
On June 3, 2014 we received information of a possible scam that is going on in our community. A citizen received a call from an individual stating that he was selling ads for the Joplin Fire Department to be put into a tree service brochure. The company was asking for $500 for a 2X2 ad in a brochure. The phone number associated with this scam is (407) 990-1600 and the person calling indicated that his name was David.

The Joplin Fire Department has stated that they are not associated with any company that is selling ads. If anyone receives a call from this number or from someone that states similar information, do not give them any information and do not send them any money.

We want to remind citizens to never give out personal information to anyone that contacts them over the phone.

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