ESC offers free home repairs for Joplin residents
November 24, 2011
Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area (ESC) announced recently that they currently are seeking applicants for their home rehabilitation project in Joplin.

Through the HOME Repair Program, selected applicants will receive needed home repairs at no cost. Repairs could include, but are not limited to, roof repair or replacement, bathroom repair, window replacement and porch repairs.

Homeowners must live in the city limits of Joplin. Applicants for the project MUST also meet all eligibility criteria: The property must be occupied by an income-eligible homeowner and be the owner’s principle residence for three or more years; The household must meet income eligibility requirements which are based on a sliding scale (Example: A single person household can have a gross income of no more than $26,600 annually, a three-person household can have a gross income of no more than $34,200); The property must be located on less than 10 acres of land; and Mobile homes must be a 1978 model or later, cannot be located on leased or rented land, must be permanently attached to the land by means of a poured concrete foundation, permanently attached to utilities, and the wheels, axles, and hitch must be removed.

Priority has been established to assist Homeowners with homes damaged by the May 22, 2011 storm or homeowners residing in the NID III neighborhood target area -

West A Street to C Street and North Gray Avenue to North Joplin Avenue.

For an application, please visit the Economic Security Joplin office at 302 S. Joplin, Joplin. For more information about the program, please contact the home repair division at (417) 781-0352.

The HOME Rehabilitation Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Department (HUD).

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