America the beautiful or another landfill?
August 24, 2007
Members of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp, Tucson, AZ chapter want you to know what they discovered during one of their "MCDC AZ search and rescue events." This large lay-up/rest area on what they term an "illegal superhighway from Mexico to the US used by human smugglers," they say, is approximately 1/4 of a mile long and is just south of Tucson. They estimated that when they saw it that it contained 3000 discarded backpacks, countless water containers, food wrappers and clothing. Dubbing the trash left behind by the illegals "another of the enviornmental disasters to hit the US," they further believe that "had this been done in one of our great northwest forests or seashore national parks areas there would be an uprising of the American people...but this is remote Arizona-Mexican border...out of sight, out of mind." Of course, the question that comes to mind is what were the people wearing when they left the area and who or what agency supplied them with the clothing.

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Who took these pictures?zdeaner241012007-09-20 23:23:27