U.S. needs Kreider
December 09, 2005
To the Editor:

I live in Wisconsin, and have been closely following how the 7th District’s U.S. Congressman, interim Majority Leader Roy Blunt, was recently named one of the nation’s 13 most corrupt politicians. As the replacement for Tom Delay, Congressman Blunt has tried to gut the federal budget with cuts to Medicaid, federal student loans, and food stamps, while endorsing tax breaks for the wealthy. Blunt follows Bush’s destructive programs lock-stock-and-barrel, and these actions affect Americans in all 50 states.

It seems Missouri – and our U.S. Congress – could use a change, and Jim Kreider may be the one to show Congressman Blunt the door. Kreider, a lifelong farmer and former Democratic state house speaker, is well-liked in Southwest Missouri. With the proper funding from national Democrats, a Kreider/Blunt showdown could become competitive.

You can learn more here.

Only 38% of Americans approve of Congressional Republicans. Blunt’s most recent scandal involves shady casino dealings with lobbyist Jack Abramoff. We need people who are down-to-earth and know how to work with both sides for results, and Kreider has such a reputation. This race would have national implications, and the Democratic Party would be wise to invest in Jim Kreider.

Tony Eichberger

Black River Falls, WI

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