Republicans, support the GOP platform
March 05, 2007
To the editor:

Our “GOP Plan of Organization” is assembled by elected Republicans starting from our local precincts, local county, Congressional districts, state, and our National Republican Committee. Each elected Republican is representative by a majority of the Republicans who choose to participate in this process.

Our “GOP Platform” is a road map; a master guide to institute policy for elected Republican office holders throughout America as we assemble/reassemble in our own political process.

I propose a small change in the “Plan of Organization” and to require any Republican Party nominees for elected public office to follow the issues and policies of the “GOP Platform” as referred to, openly discussed, and adopted by a majority of our elected Republicans who have chosen to participate in this process.

To you “nay says” in response, there is nothing in my proposal to prevent any Republican, Democrat, Independent, or anyone else from running for elective office, seeking support, and/or raising other money for their campaigns. My proposal will merely require any GOP nominee, in any general election, be required to support 75% of the policies as adopted by the elected GOP, or be approved by the entire vote of the respective executive committee, as defined in the GOP Plan of Organization, to receive pooled monies from within the GOP organization(s).

Years ago, Stonewall Jackson, Elvis, and others recorded a song which says “I washed my hands in muddy water. Washed my hands, but they didn't come clean. Tried to do what my daddy told me. But I must have washed my hands in a muddy stream."

There seem to be some in the Republican Party who do not understand and/or practice the principals of our “GOP Platform." So don’t go out to wash your hands in muddy water, metaphorically to shake Ronald Reagan’s hands, dirtying them. I knew Ronald Reagan. He was a friend of mine. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ronald Reagan in a semi-private atmosphere, look him eye to eye, and talk to him about these same issues of today in the GOP Platform. Ronald Reagan was a purist who believed, supported, and lived by our principles of our “GOP Platform”.

Your thoughts are welcomed.

Oscar Y. Harward
Monroe, NC

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