Global warming vs. what's really happening
June 16, 2008
Mr. Gore, I do not believe there is such a thing as man-made global warming. I do not think globe warming is provable, being that we only have data for a fraction of the time the earth has been in existence. Furthermore, I do not think anyone knows the optimal climate for any part of our globe. Maybe the earth is too cool and needs to correct itself.

But the most compelling reason I do not believe in the man-made global warming crisis is that you must not either. As far as I know, according to media reports, you still live in a house that is far larger than necessary; you still jet around the country in private aircraft; and once at your destination, you move with a fleet of SUVs.

Most of “the people” are making major lifestyle changes to accommodate the very real energy crises caused by this myth, some far worse than others. Some Americans are eating out less, not going to movies, or participating in other activities that keep the economy going. Still, other Americans in Dover, TN for example, are lining up at soup lines by the hundreds because they can not afford to drive to their jobs and/or buy adequate food for their families.

Worse still, the farce of bio-fuels has taken a significant amount of soybeans and corn out of the food market. That has caused the price of corn to skyrocket. People in third world countries are actually starving because of the cost of buying and transporting staples like corn and rice has now become out of reach, literally.

Mr. former Vice President, I don’t believe that you can honestly say you believe that we are in a climate crisis when you will not even fly commercial, while others in the world are, in fact, starving to death in the wake of your movement.

The global warming zealots have made sure that we can not drill for our own oil; we have to use our crops to make fuels that are far less efficient than conventional sources; and we can not use one of the cleanest, most efficient forms of energy,nuclear power.

Most of the elite leaders of this movement will say, “We by carbon offsets” (whatever that is). That seems to be a convenient excuse not making even a slight lifestyle change. Is there any such thing as “ego offset?”

– Commentary by Michael Y. Harward

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