How American has hurt Missouri's economy
October 22, 2006
...4,000 TWA Flight Attendant jobs, and 20,000 mechanics, ramp, pilots, and gate agents throughout Missouri, including Kansas City and St. Louis were promised, "TWO GREAT AIRLINES, ONE GREAT FUTURE" by American Airlines, when they acquired TWA in January 2001.

There are less than 200 pilots working at American from TWA, NO Flight attendants from TWA are now working at American. We, the Flight Attendants, were stapled to the bottom in seniority; when American furloughed, we were the first out.

In Addition, American Airlines promised to keep St. Louis open as a base and continue flights out of St. Louis. American Airlines has reduced flying by 75% out of St. Louis. The number of unemployed persons in Missouri related to American Airlines exceeds the 24,000 listed above. These are people that had jobs directly related to the airline.

American Airlines is the ONLY airline to NOT EXTEND RECALL RIGHTS after 9-11. The federal government gave American Airlines $800 MILLION after 9-11 to compensate for revenue lost.

Senator Talent is aware of our plight. WE (TWA) employees held an informational rally at his debate in St. Louis two weeks ago, and again the 18th of October in Kansas City.

Would you please help us? Make our plight known? We need our recall rights extended. We are a group of hard-working people who need our jobs.

Patti Haggerty

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