Health care reform acid test
September 18, 2009
Here is an idea that will guarantee a health care reform package that everyone can live with. It will require a bi-partisan effort.

What is it? A pledge from every lawmaker in Congress that they themselves would be willing to be covered by the same health plan that they would vote in for the American people. You may know that members of Congress have their own health care plan that is not run by government and is quite good.

They know that to be covered like the rest of us would be a step down for them. Would they be willing to live with the misery of a bad plan? If they would not be willing to opt in to whatever they may legislate for us, then I say it is not good enough for us.

They need to walk a mile in our shoes. If they are not willing to, then they need to receive a strong message from us to turn down health care reform.

Dave Pickrell
Katy, TX

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