Severe weather warrants early preparedness
May 25, 2011
What I am about to share with all Joplin residents is done so in the utmost caution, and prayer.

The question has been asked to meteorologists over and over: "What's happening? Why?" and "Will this weather pattern continue?"

Please allow me to share a handful of cumulative facts, both prophetic and realized.

Several months ago my son informed me of his plans to travel to Poland to pursue his career there. I told him that something was going to happen while he was gone.

His initial reaction was fear: "What - am I going to die!?"

I replied, "No son, it's going to be here, something catastrophic, When you return - it [Joplin] will have changed; it will not be the same as when you left".

Nate left Joplin a week ago.

In Dec/Jan, I put a booklet together that was inspired during prayer and sent copies to the Republican Congress/House of Representatives. Pages 8-10 were a urgent plea to print up an emergency preparedness plan for every family in America.

My argument for this plan is based upon articles I've read suggesting that catastrophic events are occurring because of changes in the earth's magnetic field and a shift in its axis. Also, I believe that Isaiah 24 is a clear picture of what is happening today.

My prophesy is that disasters will come in waves and continue to increase in number and intensity. When it gets hot, it will become hotter; where it is cold, it will get colder; where it floods, floods will be deeper; where drought occurs, droughts will last longer; earthquakes and mudslides will be more frequent and severe; volcanoes will be more active; and fires will be more destructive.

Early preparedness is the answer.

My suggestions for dealing with what is going to happen include: teaching emergency readiness in schools; re-think house design, even considering the possibility of a dome-shaped house if living within the tornado belt; don't rebuild along rivers or flood areas; re-locate now if living at the base of an active or inactive volcano and most of all teach your children to trust in the Lord and know that God/Jesus is an aid in time of trouble when He is held close.

Commentary by Dee Landerman

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