Right-to-Life group leader supports Akin
August 21, 2012
I made the opportunity today to talk with Rep. Todd Akin because I was so outraged at how quickly Republican leaders have deserted him. After talking with Rep. Akin, Iím even more outraged.

Rep. Akin remains a strong and courageous pro-life leaderóand awkward wording in one sound-bite doesn't negate that. His traditional pro-life position to protect every innocent human life has been completely distorted by the national media and even the Republican Party.

If you don't think that people can make false claims of "rape," we need to look no further than Norma McCorvey, the "Roe" of Roe v. Wade. That infamous abortion decision, responsible for the deaths of more than 55 million babies, was based on that very lie. Not very "legitimate" if you ask me.

Of course, Rep. Akin never used the word "legitimate" to refer to the rapist, but rather false claims like those made in the Roe case.

The pro-life movement and I unequivocally stand with Rep. Akin. How could we not? Rep. Akin will make the U.S. Senate a safer place for the most vulnerable in our nation. It's time for Republican leaders to rise to the level of Rep. Akin's principle and courage and stand with him and the Republican platform that stands for the protection of every human life.....

[Redacted: Wilke's comments promoting his book]

Commentary by Dr. Jack Wilke, founder of National and International Right to Life

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