O'Fallon firm purchases Mid-Western Machinery
March 14, 2011
Equipment manufacturer Mid-Western Machinery Company, Inc., with over 65 years of experience, has been acquired in an asset purchase by Bramko Specialty Products, LLC. The new company will operate under the name Mid-Western, LLC. All administrative and sales functions will still be located in Joplin, while all manufacturing and shipping/receiving functions will now be performed at Bramko Tool & Engineering in O’Fallon, MO.

In 2010, Mid-Western Machinery Co. experienced financial difficulties during the economic recession that affected manufacturing all across the country. The previous owner of Mid-Western Machinery Co., Gregg Beechwood, said the acquisition would strengthen the company and return the company to the production levels that were experienced during the past 20 years. Much of the product that was being purchased overseas is now being manufactured in O’Fallon, creating new U.S. jobs. Beechwood, currently employed by Mid-Western, LLC, has relocated, with the rest of the Joplin staff, to the third floor of the Commerce Bank building in downtown Joplin.

Mid-Western, LLC is the original equipment manufacturer of the popular S83 jackleg drill used in the construction and mining industries. The company also manufactures geothermal drilling equipment used in many different applications.

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