Constituent wants senators to be accountable
September 16, 2006
Dear Editor,

On 3-14-06 the United States Senate voted down and killed the Conrad 3013 "pay as you go" bill. The bill would have kept the Senate from spending money that it does not have. The Republicans claim fiscal responsibility, the Republicans are in control of the Executive and both Houses of Congress. So why do you think Missouri Senators Jim Talent and Christopher Bond both voted against it. Their votes appear to go against every thing they say they stand for.

Beginning on 3-23-06, I have sent four emails to both Senator Bond and Senator Talent requesting an explanation for their votes. I have also made several calls to their Washington offices asking for an explanation. My last email I demanded an explanation. I have not received a response from either senator.

I would very much like an answer, but it looks as though I will not get one. It has been almost six months and I have received nothing.

Roger L. Moore
St. Joseph, MO

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