Consitutent attacks government rationale
June 04, 2005
Dear Editor:

Notices were mailed out to Medicaid recipients notifying them of changes in eligibility requirements. The next day, the paper work specifically outlining these changes was mailed out. The good news is that people making $100,000/yr. should be kept off the rolls. (Unless the family size exceeded 2483); the bad news is a mother of one is not eligible with income of $235 per month! These standards are absurd and unrealistic.

Perhaps, the state should consider some streamlining. How much would be saved on postage, labor, envelopes, paper, etc. by combining the above two mailings? How much is spent sending out ‘news releases’? A recent PR said an area license office would be closing at 5 p.m. on June 2nd and the ‘new’ office would be open at 8 a.m. on June 3rd… at the same location. A program for autistic children announced that families could order supplies from ‘state approved vendors’ but these supplie turn out to cost up to 90% higher than can be ordered by anyone from a non-approved medical supply company.

The governor pledged to "freezing the acquisition of non-emergency vehicles, mobile phones and office space and …to ferret out instances of wasteful spending." Over $117,000.00 has now been spent to redecorate his personal office and to purchase two new SUVs for his family to use.

Perhaps, it is time to look at all areas of Medicaid and not just deny recipients of needed services. Perhaps, it is time to make ‘I believe life is sacred’ into more than just a sound bite or tool for getting elected. Perhaps it is time to start looking at what is going on at the top instead of attacking those on the bottom. Perhaps, it is time to make compassion more than a campaign slogan. Perhaps, it is time to be honest with Missourians instead of relying on fear, accusations and innuendo as justification for setting policy. Perhaps, it is time to renew hope and show that ‘love thy neighbor…’ is a commandment and commitment that the people and their government truly believe.


Ron Monnig

Slater, MO

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