New Joplin PD purchase discourages tailgating
July 12, 2012
In an effort to raise awareness and reduce traffic accidents caused by "following too closely" or tailgating, the Joplin Police Department has purchased a handheld Distance Between Cars laser to better determine the distance between two moving vehicles, and, based upon their speed, the time it would take to collide. Before the purchase of the laser made by Laser Technologies "following too closely" was determined only by observation. The new laser will provide accurate information that may be used as evidence in court.

Since January of 2012 the department generated 948 accident reports. Tailgating was deemed the third highest contributing circumstance.

The following stats are from 2011:
All crashes

Injury crashes

The department would like to remind people to follow the rules of the road and make sure they are allowing enough space behind the vehicle in front of them in order to react in a timely manner. The faster the speed the more distance a driver should allow.

Tips from the Missouri Drivers Handbook
Following other vehicles - Be sure to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. You need a safe distance to stop or turn to avoid an accident. Rear-end crashes are very common. They are caused by drivers who follow too closely and cannot stop in time when the vehicle ahead suddenly stops.
Three second rule - A good way to measure your safe following distance is to use the “three second rule.” Choose an object near the road ahead, like a sign or telephone pole. As the vehicle ahead of you passes it, count slowly, “One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three.” If you reach the object before you finish counting, you are too close to the vehicle ahead.
Space behind - It is not always easy to maintain a safe distance behind your vehicle. However, you can help keep the driver at a safe distance by keeping a steady speed, and signaling in advance when you slow down.

Follow these safety tips:

For more information on this laser technology go here. Funding for the laser was provided by Missouri Highway and Transportations Commission Blueprint for Safer Roadways.

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